Life is an endless parade of challenges, adventures, growth opportunities, and transitions, as you move from one chapter to the next, having a plan to guide you improves your chances for success. Balancing finances, relationships, career, health, and self-care becomes easier with careful planning. Having the goal is the first step, let Jess create a detailed plan to guide you in achieving your vision.

Personal Transition

Embracing change can be an empowering experience. Whether you’ve decided to go back to school or you’re facing a personal transition like separation, divorce, or retirement it’s important to undertake these transitions thoughtfully. Surviving and thriving through times of change is possible with the right plan.

Together, we identify all of the tasks required to accomplish your goal, and create a timeline that is manageable for you. This plan can be handed off to you to work through independently, or we can work together on a continued basis as you complete your tasks and work toward accomplishing your goal. Having a documented plan gives you clarity on what happens next and how close you are to your destination.

Professional Development

Our professional lives consume most of our waking hours, and too often keep us awake during the hours we should be sleeping. If this is true for you, you may be considering a career change. If it’s not the time for a dramatic change perhaps you’re considering a different position or organization. Having an advisor help you consider your options, help evaluate and negotiate job offers, and help you understand your worth makes those difficult decisions manageable. Together we can create a professional development plan, optimize your resume and offer recommendations on where to apply. We can talk through job opportunities and practice interviewing, discuss job offers and help you negotiate a compensation structure that suits you best.

Health and Wellness

This life requires us to balance so many things, health and wellness often get deprioritized as we juggle work, family, friends, and everything else that comes with “adulting”. As with any complex project, it’s possible to incorporate health and wellness into the project of life. Taking a project management approach to balancing life’s competing priorities can help you accomplish even the most challenging wellness goals.

I help clients identify specific and measurable goals and transform those into action plans with a timeline that fits your lifestyle. For folks who need an accountability structure to ensure their success, check-ins can be scheduled to keep you on track.

Are you navigating challenges, adventures, growth opportunities, and transitions?

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