New and established leaders should be in pursuit of continuous improvement, for their organizations and for themselves. apPROach works with leaders, leadership teams, and employees to build company cultures that support people AND profit.

apPROach offers a range of solutions to support your unique needs. A strategic approach to improvement and growth turns ideas into actions. apPROach Consulting can help you create a plan to guide your team through any process, growth phase, or project.

Strategic Planning

Has your organization created a strategic plan? Is that plan updated and is performance measured against specific goals? apPROach offers a range of strategic planning solutions.

Completely outsourced planning is a low-cost, efficient way to obtain a high-level plan for your team or organization through a process where the current state is identified, goals are set, and an action plan with a timeline is created for the organization to manage independently.

Facilitated planning is a more collaborative process where a team meets to discuss the current state, goals are set, gap analysis is performed and a strategic plan is created for the team to implement.

Ongoing plan management and support incorporates all of the previously mentioned steps along with routine meetings to monitor progress, adjust timelines, and keep the team on track.

Business Development and Project Management Support

Not every business can employ a full or even part-time business development expert. The nature of many businesses does not necessitate a project management team. apPROach can be your short or longer-term resource.

Business development consulting services can include competitive market analysis, product and service expansion recommendations, marketing strategy design and evaluation, and profit and loss review and burn rate analysis. A business development expert can offer insight and experience to help your organization grow and navigate change.

Project management consulting supports the implementation of new systems, process redesign, and change management. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, organizations are better positioned to achieve results on time and within budget with a project manager supporting the team or business owner.

People and Process

Increasingly competitive markets require business owners to offer more than just a paycheck. Company culture, incentive programs, and leadership styles are just a few considerations for attracting and retaining a skilled workforce to power your business.

There are a number of strategies that can be implemented to improve the employee experience. Leadership and employee surveys, facilitated group discussions, SWOT analysis, and the implementation of professional development best practices are some examples of services provided to ensure teams are passionate AND productive.

Who I Work With

  • Solopreneurs and small business owners who are looking to or have recently started a business.
  • Small to medium sized businesses anxious to grow their business by expanding products, services, or simply increase revenue or decrease expenses.
  • Organizations interested in surviving and thriving through things like changes in leadership, mergers or acquisitions, succession planning, external market forces, process changes, and everything else life throws at business!
  • Non-profit organizations seeking strategic planning, grant writing, and staff and board development support.
  • Healthcare practices and organizations that are interested in working with a consultant who has over a decade of experience working in healthcare in the Greater Rochester Region and beyond.

How We Work Together

Accessibility is a key element of apPROach’s mission. Strategic planning, project management, and business development services are critical to the profitability and sustainability of any business. For this reason, businesses can call on apPROach for consulting services for short or long periods of time, on a project basis, or meet regularly to develop and execute strategic plans.

Some business owners prefer a one -time consultation to generate ideas and gather recommendations. Many clients are new to the planning process and simply want to understand how they can grow their business or improve processes without retaining a consultant for weeks on end. apPROach aims to deliver services that support business development in a format and at a budget that works for every client. Most importantly, apPROach Consulting makes these sometimes tedious business development processes engaging, creative, inspiring, and fun!

Is your organization in pursuit of continuous improvement?

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