The Remote Job Search

October 21, 2020

Advice From an Employer for Remote Candidates

At the start of the global pandemic, I wrote two posts about how to shift from working in a traditional office setting to a remote workplace.  Perhaps you had the opportunity to make that shift and now you’re interested in finding a job where you can work from home remotely, post-pandemic.  Or maybe, you find yourself out of work or underemployed looking for a new gig altogether.  In that case, you’re likely conducting a job search from your home and will be completing interviews remotely with prospective employers.  Some of this advice applies to any job search, pandemic, or no pandemic, but I want to be sure to include some tips for folks who may be interviewing remotely for the first time.

Step 1:  Update Your Resume

  • Create at least two versions of your resume.  If you’re a candidate searching for a customer service or a project management job have versions of your resume that emphasize each and submit those based on the job you’re applying for. 
  • Consider a skills-based resume format.  This format is especially good for candidates with mixed job experience or gaps in employment history.
  • Write a compelling introduction or summary that clearly outlines what you are looking for.
  • Keep your resume to two pages or less.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to align with your resume.
  • Have a cover letter and references handy in separate word documents so you can copy and paste that content as you apply for jobs.

Step 2:  Create a Job Search Strategy

  • Let folks on LinkedIn know you’re available for work.  Navigate to your profile image, click ‘View Profile’, and “show recruiters you’re open to work”.
  • Update your profile on 2-3 different job search sites and make sure your keywords and job alerts are set so you get notified when new jobs are posted.
  • Try to apply to newly posted jobs within the first week.
  • Use the version of your resume that best aligns with the job your applying for (from step 1).
  • Try to post on LinkedIn at least once a week and build your network there.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek out companies you really like, share your resume, and offer up your services – even if they aren’t hiring!
  • Don’t discount social media during your job search – prospective employers may look you up after you apply or interview, you can also attract potential employers via social media if you post content that catches their interest.  Leverage all of your networks as you look for a new job!

Once You Get the Interview

Last, but Never Least – be sure to take care of yourself along the way.  Finding a new job is stressful, whether you’re working, underemployed, or trying to find a job while working.  Make sure to build downtime into your schedule.  If you’re burned out you can’t present your best self to your next employer.  Socializing with other job seekers can help remind you that you’re not alone and also give you an opportunity to swap tips and tricks (like this blog post).  Take care, and best of luck in your search for the next great opportunity.